Camp Fire

But wait... Isn't fire bad!?

Controlled Permit Burning

This option seems counter intuitive. But let me explain. Burning of excess debris is nature's way of getting rid of ladder and ground fuels, and as long as it is in a controlled environment with the proper precautions and permits, can be a SAFE and cost effective option. 

We ALWAYS go through the local county government to obtain burn permits before ANY burning is done. The local fire department comes out to the potential burn site and checks our procedures as well as the area to ensure a safe burn. 

We DO NOT burn unless there is significant moisture in the air, OR at least a couple of inches of snow cover on the ground. 

Our lead Sawyer and Co-Owner used to burn piles of debris several feet high while working with the USDA Forest Service, and is one action that is used by the forest service quite frequently. 

In some remote areas were it may be difficult to reach via vehicle, or impossible to haul a chipper or roll off onto the site, this is a great option. 

We take every precaution to prevent unwanted spreading of wildfire, especially since it is our job to prevent it!!!!!! 

This option is nature's way of adding much needed nitrogen back into the soil, which is vital for continuing plant and foliage growth, and certain trees and pine cones only germinate in extreme heat caused by fire. Fire can be used to help battle wildfires. Crazy concept, but it works!